On Mnet ‘Produced 101 Season 2’ broadcasted on May 12, Hanahreum Company Kim Tae Min, Pledis Entertainment Kim Jonghyun, Cube Lai Guan Lin and Onoent Jang Mun Bok went on stage with ‘Fear’ (Song Minho).

In the sixth episode, the third evaluation task, the position evaluation, was carried out. In the position evaluation, the trainees choose their desired positions during their vocal, rap, and dancing debut, to make their own arrangements, rap-making and choreography.

At the end of the day, the rankings of all trainees are made public and Jang Mun Bok was ranked 26th. Meanwhile, Kim Jonghyun took the top spot.

From the start of the broadcast, Jang Mun Bok has received a full support from the male fans, and there is a point of pointing out that Jang Mun Bok’s rank decline is ‘due to its inferior ability.’

Jang Mun Bok is a kind of ‘Brother Fans’ in a variety of male communities that have been collectively voting in Jang Mun Bok because of their authenticity and humanity to overcome the pain. However, there is a concern that Jang Mun Bok has been pushed down from the rankings and that the limit has been reached by the trainees who have had the skills.

At this episode of Mnet Produced 101 Season 2, Jang Mun Bok sang the song “Fear” and sang the impressive lyrics with rap. Jang Mun Bok prepared the lyrics to move fans’ minds, saying, “People tell me, I’m out in the show, I’m here,” and “Hold this dream to my last dream”.

Jang Mun Bok said, “I put the feelings I felt while producing ‘Produce 101’ in my Rap, and I hope you can sympathize with me.”

Menawhile, Mnet Produced 101 Season 2 Episode 6, which was broadcasted at 11 pm on May 12, recorded an average audience rating of 3.1 percent based on pay-per-view platforms nationwide. The highest audience rating was 3.5%, showing Cube entertainment practitioner Lai Guan Lin developing as he prepares for the “Fear” stage.