M.net ‘Produced 101 Season 2’ broadcast on the 9th, the concept evaluation and the third ranking announcement ceremony were drawn. In addition, the final task ‘debut evaluation’ part selection and practice course showed.

In the ranking announcement of the day, there was also a change of the rank change. Ardor & Able trainee Ha Sung Woon, who had never entered the eleventh place took third place, and c9 trainee Bae Jinyoung who stayed at the top of the eleventh place was ranked fourth.

Kang Daniel and Park Ji Hoo came in first and second place.

Park Ji-hoon said, “I am glad to be able to climb again, but I feel grateful.”

Kang Daniel said, “It is awkward to come up with single-phase but I want to challenge it (1st place)”

After that, Kang Daniel took first place with 80 million votes.

Many of the trainees who were issues such as Jang Mun Bok, Kim Sang Gyun, Noh Tae Hyun, Lee Eui Woong and Kwon Hyun Bin attracted attention. The trainees said, “I’m sorry but I’m grateful.” Lai Kuan Lin survived to 20th place.

In addition, Im Yongmin, who survived the 17th anniversary on the day of broadcasting, said, “I want to say that I have been sincerely sorry for the audience ,who have had many stories recently and have experienced the inconvenience, and I will be a more advanced Im Young Min.

In recent years, Im Young Min has argued that his family and friends have encouraged their fans to vote for their favorite songs in the online community.

After that, we went into the process of light selection for the debut evaluation. The mission to direct choreography creation was also given.

The first song ‘Hands On Me’ and the second song ‘Super Hot’ were divided into 10 groups. As the final debut evaluation was ahead, the competition for the training students was also fierce.

Meanwhile, among the 101 trainees, ‘Producer 101 Season 2’ for 11 boys groups selected directly by national producer and leaves only the final vote.