‘Producer 101 Season 2’ is in a new phase with a sudden change in the rankings of trainees among the unchanging ratings.

Mnet ‘Produced 101 Season 2’posted a 2.3% audience rating last week after last week’s broadcast. Especially, as the ‘Group battles’ of those who have been rated as ‘Avengers’ have begun, fierce competition has become more visible. (Nielsen Korea, national standard)

On the day of ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, the group battle stage was broadcasted. Park, who showed the stage of ‘Hooray’, made a difference by being the protagonist of ‘Most Votes’

“Sorry Sorry” team also came to this place. Kwon Hyun Bean, who belongs to the team of ‘Avengers’ led by Kim Jong Hyun from NU’EST of the Idol Group, practiced faithfully with Jonghyun’s persuasion and obedience that did not show any signs of adaptation. As a result, I became the most votes in the team and expressed my affection “Jonghyun has suffered a lot because of me.”

Especially, the contestants such as Lee Dae Hwi and Arredondo samuel of the broadcasting industry are being pushed to the middle level, and the trainees such as Park Woo Dam, Ahn Hyungseob, Choi Min ki ,Takada Kenta and others have raised ranked in the highest rank, expectations of what sort of ‘rank change’ will occur will increase in the future.

Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ is broadcast every Friday night at 11 pm.