Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ concept evaluation, ‘Open Up’ team climbed first place and received merit 220,000 votes.

Mnet ‘Produced 101 Season 2’ 9th episode, which was broadcasted at 11 pm on May 26, was ranked first in the same time zone with an average audience rating of 3% and a highest audience rating of 3.2%. (Based on Nielsen Korea / paid platforms)

In addition, the program recorded 4.5% for TNmS paid households and 3.4% for 1534 audiences. In addition, 9th episode broadcast clips, which were able to feel the hot heat, are continuing popularity with 1.83 million views on the current portal site.

In the 9th episode, the stage of the concept evaluation was unveiled in front of 2,000 field public producers. With 220,000 votes benefited and ‘M countdown’ stage, trainees burned their enthusiasm for first place.

Due to vacancies in the last week, there was a recalculation in each team. Im Young Min ,Yu Seon Ho and Joo Haknyeon , who left the team through their votes, moved to ‘Open Up’ team, ‘Show Time’ for Ha Sung Woon and ‘I Know You Know’ team for Jang Moon Bok.

Finally, the five concept evaluation stages, which were finally unveiled, made it impossible for viewers to keep a close eye on each other’s concepts and high completeness. Kim Samuel, who in charge of the ‘Show Time’ center, has led the stage with his outstanding dance skills and stable vocals.

‘I Know You Know’ team declared that Kwon Hyun Bin will make a team that can enjoy without a friend who spares the leader, in the stage also showed a brilliant performance in a bright and full of energy. The stage of the “Open Up” team, which shook the industry with an unconventional concept, left a strong impression on the nation’s producers and received an enthusiastic response to the request for an encore after the stage was over.

‘Oh Little Girl’ team expressed a soft and gentle concept with the stable vocals of Jung Se Woon, who was praised by the trainer’s storms. The ‘Never’ team, which consists of top-level trainees, showed off the perfect stage with explosive energy to match everyone’s expectations and led to a praise of “seeming to see a group of debut.”

Glory, who was the first in the fierce and hot concept evaluation, eventually went to the ‘Open Up’ team consisting of Kang Dong Ho, Kim Yong Guk, Takada Kenta, Kang Daniel, Yu Seon Ho and Im Young Min , which trainees enjoyed the overwhelming happiness with the surprised expression.

In addition, a concept evaluation mission song will be released as a noon music on the day, raising audience expectations.

Meanwhile ‘Produced 101 Season 2’ will be broadcast every Friday at 11 pm.