Varyingfortunes for trainees of Fantagio involved in “Produce 101”.While two of them, Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon, are now part of I.O.I, everything is quite different for Lee Soomin, the latter decided to leave trail of life.

Tuesday, we learned that Lee Soomin had decided to leave Fantagio, and that its contract with the agency had been broken.

Information was soon to be confirmed by a representative of Fantagio. “Already before appearing in” Produce 101 “Lee Soomin had questions and wondered if she would have a place in a group of idols. Accompanied by her parents, she came to us and said that this job was not for her, and she has decided to end his adventure as a trainee.

Lee Soomin had been eliminated before the final [Produce 101] , finishing in 31st place in the standings.