Four photos of the season 2 performer Jang Mun Bok shocked the netizens.

Producer 101 production crew recently posted four photos of Onoent Entertainment Jang Mun Bok touching his hair at the hair shop.

In the photo, Jang Mun Bok puts a wave on a long hair and produces a variety of hair styles such as half-packed hair, bun hairstyle, and apple hair.

All four photos are not an exaggeration to say that they are not men, but they boast ‘flower beauty’. It is a picture that makes the evaluation of ‘no idol appearance’ which Jang Mun Bok has entered in the meantime.

The photo was widely spread as the hair designer put it on his SNS instagram.

The netizens are referring to the names of various female stars such as Sohee, Red Velvet Seulgi, Uee, and Kim Yuna in a resemblance to Jang Mun Bok .

“I do not think it’s a Jang Mun Bok.” “It’s been falling down nowadays, but I’ve been hiding the beauty of this flower.” “Is it true?” “It’s so pretty.” “It’s a woman.” “It looks like a woman.” ” Wave “and so on.