“Produce 101” has actually rejected 13 advertising contracts to focus on its adventure in the survival of Mnet !

While 26 candidates were eliminated during the last episode of “Produce 101″, one of the girls from the show is enormously.

This week, they are 26 trails to have of to their baggage, since there are now more than 35 trails in competition.

Top 11

11. Im Nayoung. The trainee of Pledis Entertainment continues to be new in the top 11, and quite easily. Indeed, its first prosecutor, Cathy DIA, posts 481 000 votes, nearly 200,000 less than Nayoung !

10. Yu Yeunjung. Now the last representative of Starship Entertainment, it loses one place, but remains proudly anchored in the ranking, Yeunjung is still considered one of the greatest voices of “Produce 101”.

9. Jung Chaeyeon. The member of DIA is good in the top 11, while the other girls in MBK are starting to get left behind. Tenth two weeks ago, Chaeyeon grappille a place, and is never lowered below the tenth position from the beginning of the show.

8. Kim Sohye. The actress of Redline loses a spot this week and found himself in eighth place, the young girl promising to work hard to raise his level.

7. Kim Doyeon. Eighth the last time, the trainee of Fantagio Entertainment continues to move forward in the rankings, proving that it is not to be taken lightly in the competition.

6. Pinky. No change to the pretty trainee of Pledis, which remains just behind the top 5. No progression to it, but a status confirmed.

5. Kim Nayoung. The trainee in Jellyfish Entertainment is discreet, but the public does not forget. As in the past weeks, it is fifth.

4. Jeon Somi. Nearly 300,000 votes separating the fifth to the fourth place, the first four girls in the ranking, proving their popularity non-standard. This is the case of Somi, the trainee of JYP Entertainment failing once again at the foot of the podium.

3. Kang Mina. The 100 000 votes bonus received in dance by the trainee in Jellyfish Entertainment have allowed him to beat Somi of a hair, and to consolidate its place in the top three.

2. Choi Yoojung. Without having received 100 000 votes bonus, the trainee of Fantagio invites still on the second step of the podium, its popularity is no longer the slightest doubt. It rises, however, not on the first step, a position still too far for her.

1. Kim Sejeong. Unsurprisingly, the trainee Jellyfish is once again the number one ranking this week ! Probably the trainee’s most popular program, Kim Sejeong would have been imposed even if Choi Yoojung had the 100 000 votes bonus, the current dominance of Kim Sejeong being overwhelming.

No performance in the program of this episode from March 11, since the issue first interested in the creation of new groups, before revealing the ranking, and therefore the identity of the 26 disposed of the week.

At the beginning of the episode, the girls amount onstage in turn to mimic Jessi (Lucky J) taking some of its famous lines in “Unpretty Rapstar”.

The girls then began to train, even if the trainees are eliminated will never have the chance to save the title they have chosen, or sing on stage.

For their new mission, the girls could choose the title that they wished to interpret. Securities offered to them were unpublished, all hand signed by famous artists like San E or Jinyoung (B1A4). The songs in questions all representing a different genre, trails have towards the concept that interests them the most.

The ‘leaders’ of each song (girls having chosen the song first) to expel other trails of the group if their number exceeded the allowed limit. It was the case for girls who have chosen the title “Fingertips”. In this group, Kim Sejeong (Jellyfish) is the put Jeon Soyeon (CUBE) and Park Sehee (KCONIC) at the door, they found finally in groups which were not yet completed.

Coaches made many compliments to the girls for their work, but Kahi was scathing with Kim Sohye (Redline), the actress who wore her t-shirt the number “2″ symbolizing its second place in competition of dance of the last episode.

Clearly little impressed by the performance of Kim Sohye, the former member of the After School said: “you are in second place in the dance… It does not have the slightest sense. You have evolved since the beginning, but it is far from enough. You got this second place thanks to your popularity only, not thanks to your talent.”

We will have the opportunity to revisit titles, as well as on the composition of the groups, more in detail next week, since it is at this time that the event will take place.

In the second part of the show, we have discovered the new top 11, but also list eliminated 26, disposals that become more and more heartbreaking with passing time.

The losers of the day included including Yoon Seohyeung (& August), Park Sehee (KCONIC), Yu Sua (MJ), Kang Siwon, Cho Shiyoon (DSP), Ariyoshi Risa (TIPPING), Oh Seojung (M & H) or even Hwang Sooyeon (HAPPYFACE).

Appreciated by the public for her beauty and her innocent image, this popular candidate received 13 bids for advertisements. Cosmetic products, drinks, or chicken, offers the young woman received are extremely varied.

This candidate is Jung Chaeyeon [DIA], whose popularity has increased significantly since its appearance in “Produce 101″. The singer in the pure image proved that she could do everything, making adorable performance, but also sexy, attractive performance quickly the eye of many brands seeking her services.

Chaeyeon, however, refused the offers, preferring to focus on her adventure in “Produce 101″. Currently in the top 11 of the show, the young woman chose to focus on her training to become the best idol.

Chaeyeon started end of 2015 as a member of DIA, before joining “Produce 101″ after having realized that she had many gaps. Cathy and it should find the DIA after their journey in the survival of Mnet, even if a new Member has been added to the group in their absence.