Singer IU talked about the usual diary habits and fans.

May 18, MBC Music ‘Picnic Live sound landscape’, IU, who returned to the regular ‘4th Palette’, was portraying lyric talking with Kim Eana.

In the previous broadcast, IU explained, “Palette is my 25th birthday.” IU said, “Diary is a habit I took from a trainee to leave a trail of life when I feel anxiety.”

She said: “From the beginning of last year to use from time to time. I am optimistic about this. I feel the heart of a little uneasy psychological reduction “, showing the inner satisfaction.

I originally wrote a diary to leave a trail of my life, and I have a habit of writing a diary,” she said.

But nowadays, the frequency of writing diaries has been reduced, she said. “These days I only use it when there is something special.

She explained that the songs such as “Knee”, “Palette” and “Glasses” etc came out of the diary. Kim , who listened to this, said “It is a freezer(a diary), a storehouse,” and laughed.

IU also said, “As fans have grown rapidly, fans have been small enough to catch up with my eyes, but nowadays fans have become so wondering,” Where do you like me? ”

However, as the number of fans increased, I confessed to the burden of the increased number of objects to be satisfied. However, he expressed his love of beautiful fans, saying that he enjoys such burden and efforts to satisfy his fans.

Finally, IU refers to the lyrics of ‘Palette’ and says, “Now I know a little bit about me. I smile and sometimes I cry, but I feel the preciousness of the present. I am proud of myself now that has matured through.