Twice has back with fresh appeal in different concept.

Twice opened a showcase of their Mini 4 ‘Signal’ – Blue Square at Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, at 3 pm on May 15.

On the day of the debut, Twice was the first to make a stage with a ‘Signal’ made by Park Jin Young. This song was released in three months after ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ and is also a song that challenges the five consecutive box office.

Jihyo said, “3 months ago to ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ return, soon returned, really happy. I hope you a lot of support.

On the day of the showcase, there were questions about the work with Park Jin Young. Jihyo said, “We worked with Park Jin Young, PD, in a fun and comfortable way, and he choreographed our directly.”

Regarding the pressure on the 5 consecutive box office, Jihyo said, “It is not a record that we want to leave this album, but we have worked with Park Jin Young PD newly and I am glad that the public likes it because it shows a new appearance.

Nayeon said, “If you do not have a burden, it is a lie. I have been practicing for a long time and I really wanted to get the song from Park Jin Young PD.

As for what Park Jin Young ordered, she added that “Park Jin Young PD practiced a lot of charm by telling him to send a signal to someone he really likes in the beginning.

“Signal”, a song produced by JYP Park Jin Young producer, is the first time for Twice to debut with Park Jin Young’s song as a title song. This is an intense 808 Bass hip-hop rhythm with rhythmic electronic musical instruments. It is an exquisite meeting beTwiceeen Twice’s bright and healthy energy and Park’s unique grooves.

In the new album, “Signal”, members Jihyo and Chaeyoung co-wrote lyrics with “Eye Eye Eyes” reggae pop and a mix of trendy sound “Tree Times a Day”. HOLD ME TIGHT’ with ‘JELLY JELLY’, a song written by JYP senior (HA: TFELT) Yenny , ‘JELLY JELLY’, ‘SOMEONE’, a ballad number between ‘LIKE A FOOL’ and ‘ONE IN A MILLION’ LIKE ME ‘will be recorded in total six songs.

Twice celebrates their comeback with Encore Concert ‘SIGNAL ENCORE TwiceICELAND’ at Jamshil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul from June 17 to 18 .