Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced on August 14 that it will send Onew (28, Lee Jin Ki), member of popular group SHINee , who is charged with torturing women’s bodies at the club, to the prosecution for the prosecution.

According to the police, Onew is suspected of having touched three specific body parts of a 20-year-old woman who is drunk at a famous club in Gangnam, at about 7:10 am on Aug 12.

At the time of the incident, the victim was standing on a 30-centimeter pedestal and dancing, and Onew was reportedly sitting in a chair next to him.

Police received a report from the victim’s party and arrested Onew on the spot. Onew, released after being investigated for about five hours, denied the allegations, saying, “I do not remember being bloated.”

On-line Closed Circuit (CC) TV analysis showed that Onew was not caught by the camera because the scene was a blind spot.

However, the police decided to send Onew to the prosecution on the basis of the analysis of the CCTV of the club, judging that the victim and the witness’s statement were reliable.

After the incident was reported, A made a complaint cancellation report by sending his personal information to the SM. However, A did not overturn the position of Onew’s allegations.

Meanwhile, SM said, “Onew visited the club with his friends to celebrate his debut as a DJ at dawn, dancing under the influence of drunkenness, and received introspection and unintentionally had physical contact ,was investigated by the police,”explained the situation.

Following “However, the other party also knew that this was a happening that could happen in the midst of the drunkenness, so Its submitted a complaint that Its did not want any punishment. Onew will be faithful to the remaining research”He said.