Actor Park Hae Jin continuing to 'Helping Angels'

Recently, Park Hae Jin paid the full cost of producing video clips promoting fire safety and participated in filming himself.

July 9, Park Hae Jin of the agency said, “To directly participate in the fire safety promotion video and donate the entire cost of filming to promote the activities closely related to national safety and to lead the improvement of the treatment of firefighters.”

Park Hae Jin has continued volunteering and contributing to busy schedules, such as volunteering with her husband, planting trees to reduce fine dust, and making a variety of donation activities.

The relationship between Park Hae Jin and firefighters goes back to 2016. Park Hae Jin visited Daegu Fire Station through the drama ” Cheese in the Trap ” of ‘Make a Wish’event , where his father worked at, and presented them with flowers, red ginseng, and snack cars and encouraging firefighters with a surprise event.

With this connection, members of the DC Inside Park Hae Jin Gallary purchased a fireman’s calendar, which was used as a fund for improving the treatment of firefighters, and Park Hae Jin also bought a pair of firefighters ‘ calendars and create a harmonious story.

Proceeds from the firefighter calendar are used for firefighters and their families who dereliction of duty or injured in harsh conditions. Park Hae Jin, who found that these firefighters’ calendars were on the brink of low production, is actively involved in the global donation campaign, ‘Hands for Hero’, for firefighters, such as this year, as a modeled of firefighter’s calendar.

In particular, Park Hae Jin responded to the news with a warm message, saying that he would directly film the “fire safety video” after seeing numerous cases arising from the lack of awareness of firefighters during the announcement of the ‘Hands for Hero’ campaign.

Park Hae Jin’s direct fire budget support and fire safety video footage will be distributed to each government office, school, and public place, meaning it will be used to improve the awareness of firefighters and to secure fire safety.

Park Hae Jin, who is known as a “Helping Angels” in entertainment industry, has donated to various fields such as Guryong Village in Gaepo-dong, the Sewol ferry, the fund to build a children’s rehabilitation hospital, and the Gyeongju earthquake recovery fund. In April of this year, he received the honorary citizenship certificate for the first time as a Korean star through planting trees in China for fine dust improvement.