AOA’s ChoA was suffering from a series of ‘theories’.

ChoA ‘s agency FNC Entertainment said on May 17, “The person who has been identified in the article about his identity confirmation is only an acquaintance and informs him that the association is not true.”

The former media quoted the official as saying that ChoA (27) and Lee Seok Jin (32) are cautiously growing their love. According to the media, in the most difficult period of performing arts activities in the entertainment industry, Lee Seok Jin was with him, and as a result he developed into a lover. In particular, the media explained that the person who succeeded the two was Kim Heechul of Super Junior.

Lee Seok Jin, a 24-year-old industrial planning staff member, joined the company as the CEO of the company and became the company’s CEO in April 2011. He leads the industry after his grandfather, Lee Byung Doo.

Founded in 1967, Najin Industries was the first company to establish Najin Electronics World, the largest electronics distribution complex in Korea, in Yongsan. E-Sports Najin Empire is a well-known company for the TKP professional game group. Najin Industries, headed by Lee Seok Jin, also sponsored the Tekken team from August 2010, and in April of the following year, he founded ‘Najin Empire’, the first professional game of iron fist.

Meanwhile, ChoA was excluded from the official schedule since the AOA concert in March. Some of them said that they were going to be absent-minded and unsubscribed, but that their agency and super unity were “unfounded.” Choo said on May16, “I made a break with consensus with my agency, not on a temporary basis,” and said, “I will try to rejuvenate and show a good image.”

However, after a day of clarification, she was enthusiastic again and stood in the center of the topic. Through his agency, she refused to say “no” again and became a protagonist of an unwanted issue with she explanations following her tentative remarks.