Nearing the end of Produce 프로듀스 101 ….

Next week, Mnet will be his penultimate elimination during which 13 girls will leave the program. They will be more than 22 for the grand finale at the 11th episode, and Internet users will be invited to vote on-line for the 11 members of the Group during this final episode.

During the last episode, 26 girls made their suitcases, bringing the number of streaks remaining at 35.

This episode has focused first on the registration of various songs, some girls who have difficulty to get into this unknown environment, while others were provided in the studio. We have also followed the anniversary of Somi (JYP Entertainment), drag celebrating its 15 years (and Yes, only!) in the company of the daughters of its team.

For this mission, the candidates were divided into five groups of seven girls. Each group recorded an unreleased track in the studio before you realize a stage performance, and the group that received the most votes from the public during the event received 150 000 votes bonus to be shared among seven winning streaks.

Five famous producers have therefore created titles specifically for trails. These five stars, included San E, Ryan Jhun, Denzil “DR” Remedios, DJ Koo and Jinyoung (B1A4).

The first team to go on stage interpreting a heading titled “24 Hours”, the work of DJ Koo. This team consisted of Seong Hyemin, Pinky (Pledis), Kang Mina (Jellyfish), Kim Nayoung (Jellyfish), Kang Yebin (Pledis), Hwang Insun (Show Works) and Lee Soomin (Fantagio).

The second title, “Fingertips”, was a creation of Ryan Jhun. This song was recorded and performed onstage by Kim Sejeong (Jellyfish), Kim Chungha (M & H), Im Birminghammale (Pledis), Jung Eunwoo (Pledis), Cathy de DIA, Shin (CBJ) and Ahn Yeseul (MAJESTY).

Third song title of “Don’t Matter”, a song produced by San E. This group was composed of Kim Joona (Music K), Jeon Soyeon (CUBE), Kim Seokyung, Kim Hyeongeun (KCONIC), Lee Suhyun (SS), and Kwon Eunbean, the new Member of CLC.

The fourth song of the episode was “Yum – Yum”, a title produced by Denzil “DR” Remedios, the brain behind “Love Me Right” (EXO) and “You Think” (SNSD). This fourth team was composed of Jeon Somi (JYP), Choi Yoojung (Fantagio), Jung Chaeyeon de DIA, Park Siyeon (Pledis), Kim Dani (MBK), Park Soyeon (LOEN) and Heo Chanmi (Dublekick).

Finally, the last performance allowed us to discover the title created by Jinyoung, “In The Same Place”. The Member of the B1A4 gave this song to the daughters of his band, a group of Han book (Star Empire), Kim Sohye (Redline), Yoo Yunjeung (Starship), Kang Sira (Chungchun), Kim Doyeon (Fantagio), Yoon Chaekyung (DSP) and Kim Sohee (Music Works).

At the end of five titles, “Produce 101″ asked viewers to nominate the best performance by dropping their votes into ballot boxes.

“24 Hours” came in last place with 159 votes. Just ahead, “Don’t Matter” garnered 163 votes. In third position, “Fingertips” received 288 votes. The first place is so played between “Yum – Yum” and “In The Same Place”.

With 618 votes, it is “In The Same Place”, the song produced by Jinyoung, which won the most votes, “Yum – Yum” bit, since this group collected 588 votes.

Han Hyeri (Star Empire), Kim Sohye (Redline), Yoo Yunjeung (Starship), Kang Sira (Chungchun), Kim Doyeon (Fantagio), Yoon Chaekyung (DSP) and Kim Sohee (Music Works) have thus won 150 000 bonus votes to share between them, votes that could upset the top 11 and eliminations planned next week!

The unreleased tracks of “Produce 101″ quickly stormed the musical rankings at the end of the episode,”In The Same Place”even directly taking the top of the charts of engineering and Naver, followed closely by”Yum – Yum”and”Fingertips”, titles that were visibly pleased to the public.

In the next episode, we therefore discover the identity of the 17 finalists of the show, as well as – unfortunately – the name of 13 new trails to leave the adventure.

photo by suttlebus / mk