Singer and actress Nana said she would get off to the "Four Men" production company

Aug 23, according to a number of media sources that Nana has recently submitted a proof of content requesting the termination of the contract to Victents, the production company of the drama ‘Four Men’.

Nana is expected to be absent from the script reading scene, which will take place on Aug 25.

We are expecting Nana to join the shooting,” a production company said in a media outlet.

Meanwhile, “Four Men” is a drama starring actor Park Hae Jin. The woman who lost her beloved man accidentally finds the twins and draws what is happening.

“Four Men” has started filming in January, casting Park Hae Jin, Nana, Lee Ki Woo and Kwak Si Yang, but the shooting was stopped in May.

Four of the 16 films have been filmed. The reasons for the discontinuation of the production are mentioned as unpaid wages.