Actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s Philippine fan club apologized for the excessive controversy over the skinship.

July 30, NAM JOO HYUK PHILIPPINE’S official fan club (NAM JOO HYUK PH) published by SNS, “On behalf of Filipino fans, We sincerely apologize to Nam Joo Hyuk and Sandara Park.” And “I know you are disappointed by the actions of some fans. Ask for forgiveness.

A fan meeting between Nam Joo Hyuk and singer Sandara Park, hosted by local clothing brands, was held in Manila, Philippines on July 29.

On the day of the event, 200 people were invited to the ceremony to take a picture taking a picture close to Nam Joo Hyuk and Sandara Park. In this process, some fans acted like pulling and stuttering the body of Nam Joo Hyuk. Nam Joo Hyuk was also perplexed by the excessive skinship from his fans.

In particular, as the fan meeting video was posted in the Korean online community, some raised voices criticizing the host’s poor management and excessive physical contact. In the end, Nam Joo Hyuk’s fan club in the Philippines said on a social networking site that they apologize for the incident that occurred during the fan meeting.