Actors Lee Seung Gi and Suzy will reunite in the drama ‘VAGABOND (Yoo In Sik / Jang Young Chul)’ male and female characters in five years.

The two reunite in 2013 for the first time in five years since the ‘Gu Family Book‘.

VAGABOND‘ describes the process by which a man involved in a civilian passenger plane crash digs up a gigantic national corruption found in hidden truth. The risk of the wanderers who lost family, affiliation, and name is full of spectacular and naked adventure.

Lee Seung Gi plays Cha Gun, a stuntman of 18 major martial arts who has a great ambition to dominate the world action film industry in the future.

Confidence and impudence strike through the popular , in a pungent fullness style, after encountering an airplane crash like a bloody wall, and face a huge conspiracy hidden in it. After a four-year reunion with Yoo In Sik, who coincided with the ‘You’re All Surrounded’, he was reunited with a proprietary ‘Good-looking appeal’ to snatch girl’s heart.

Suzy plays Go Haeri, which became NIS’s black agent, following the death of a marine dad who died during the operation.

It was a good cause for the service of patriotism and service, but the person who chose the 7th grade government official in order to support uppity’s mother and younger brother .Unlike the wish that wanted White Agent, at the end becomes black agent. After ‘While You Were Sleeping’, Suzy, who is returning to his room, is being predicted.

Moon Jung Hee will take on role as ambassador of lobbyist Jessica Lee, and will complete a competent lobbyist with fluent English skills, sophisticated visuals and unreflective acting skills.

VAGABOND ‘ is directed by Yoo In Sik, who created a hit such as ‘Giant‘, ‘History of a Salaryman‘, ‘Incarnation of Money‘, ‘You’re All Surrounded‘, ‘Mrs. Cop ‘ and ‘Dr. Romantic‘ was drawing keen attention. Jang Yeong Cheol and Jung Kyung Soon screenwriter, who worked with Yoo In Sik as ‘Giant’, ‘History of a Salaryman ‘ and ‘Incarnation of Money’ wrote the script also raised expectations.

In addition, Lee Gil Bok, the cinematography who has the best visual qualities of shooting “Dr. Romantic’ and ‘My Love from the Star’, will also be able to make the best scale and perfection in domestic dramas for the first time in Portugal and Morocco.

The producer, Celltrion Entertainment said, “It is a combination of actors, directors, writers, and other famous production crews, and it will create a” next-generation drama “that is rarely seen in the near future.” Spell & Action, Reversal & Thriller, we will tap into the hearts of viewers with dense and detailed acting, directing and scripting.

Meanwhile, ‘VAGABOND‘, which aims to broadcast in Korea, US, and Japan with Sony Pictures’ overseas distribution, is produced by Celltrion Entertainment.In recently, its begin formal shooting with the first script.