Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun are flirting with their romantic viewers.

‘Monarch’ also owns the highest recorded ratings.

May 24, Saje Yi Seon (Yoo Seung Ho) and Gaeun(Kim So Hyun) eventually broke up in the MBC drama “Monarch / Ruler: Master of the Mask”.

Yi Seon lost his parents by Daemok (Huh Joon Ho) who attacked the palace and himself was in danger of death. While he was distracted from the cliff, Dawnok’s granddaughter, Hwa-gun (Yoon Sohee) ran and gave him medicine to keep him from running for a while, which allowed him to fool Daemok. Daemok thought that Saje was not killed. Daemok put a mask on Yi Seon (L) and seated him as a scarecrow king.

Yi Seon, who was in a crisis of death, revived the story and decided to be strong for revenge and to save Chosun in his hands. Before he left, he led the townspeople to Gaeun where he found new grounds, but he did not have the courage to go before Gaeun who lost his father because of himself, and eventually turned his back on him.

Yi Seon has entered into a merchant organization that holds information and distribution under the advice of Woo bo (Park Chul Min) and succeeded in gaining their trust.

Five years passed. Gaeun has created a place for business with the people displaced from the village, and has pioneered a new life with them. In a situation where the market is stabilizing, the amnesty has suddenly informed unilaterally that it will repay the money lent to the people at once. The amnesty’s office was plotting another plot related to the circulation of money. Gaeun has come to ask the help of the head of the merchant to help the hardest people.

Woo bo preached the reunion of Gaeun and Yi Seon in the words that Gaeun went to meet the head of the merchant.

In the final scene, Yi Seon, who had been infiltrated into the drama, was broadcast to witness Gaeun being held there. Two people who missed each other for five years passed the meeting again. It is hoped that the two loving love lines that have just stumbled together will be able to rush again through the reunion.

According to the Nielsen Korea survey on May 25, 9.9 percent of the “Monarch” broadcasted at 10 pm on May 24 recorded 11.9 percent of the audience and 13.8 percent of the 10 recorded ratings.

The so-called “Monarch” has risen 0.4 percentage points from its previous highest audience rating of 13.4 percent recorded in the last 8 episodes. This corresponds to the top rating of the terrestrial TV drama broadcasted during the same time period.

Meanwhile, KBS2 ‘Queen of Mystery’ was broadcast on the same time period, while 8.4% and 6.8% and ‘Suspect Partners’ of SBS showed 8.3% ratings respectively.