Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun lost their parents to L and suffered the same pain.

In the MBC drama ‘Monarch’ on May 18, King (Kim Myung Soo), who had been guarding Saje Yi Seon’s (Yoo Seung Ho) by Compilation leader Daemok (Huh Joon Ho), was eventually drawn to death.

On that day, Kyuho (Jeon No Min) was fated to death by the trickery of a number of meetings. Without wishing to kill him, Seja was in a dangerous situation, King made a helpless choice in dangerous situations and Kyuho accepted this fate. Seja, who ran to rescue Kyuho, was late and was desperate to see him die. Therefore, I firmly decided to eliminate the number one meeting.

Yi Seon decided to go into the world to find a way to beat Compilation group . He went to Gaeun(Kim So Hyun), daughter of Kyuho, pointing to the moon and telling his heart. He said, “You are like the moon in general ,even unable to see you clearly, you may chage,but however you do, I will protect you. It will be hard, but will you remember? I’m always there next to you. That you are not alone. “He then confessed that would not be with her side, saying he would leave to protect the precious people.

He then kissed Gaeun’s forehead and conveyed his love. However, Gaeun has left a letter can not accept his mind, with the determination of death she headed to the palace. She came to see Seja. Eventually she confronted Lady Seonhui, the mother of Seja. Lady Seonhui told Kyuho’s death that it was not because of Seja, and he told me about the issue.

At this time, Daemok team raided the palace and Lady Seonhui succumbed to poison. As she dies, she informs Gaeun that those who broke into the palace were the ones who killed the real Kyuho. Then she left the last words met with Seja Yi Seon and suffered death.

Yi Seon, who came back to the palace, witnessed that the palace was bloody in the attack of a number of meetings. Earlier, King (Kim Myung Soo) witnessed the crisis of losing his life at the meeting and called out “Abamama.” At this time, the real face of Yi Seon was exposed to Daemok (Huh Joon Ho). Yi Seon, who was trying to save King Yeongjo, eventually came to the disastrous end of Daemok ‘s sword. Yi Seon and Gaeun who lost their father to Daemok . In addition to the relationship between two people sharing a love affair, the fate of being a revenge companion was tied up and raised interest.

In addition,according to Nielsen Korea ‘s ratings on today, Nielsen Korea recorded 12.0% of the “Monarchs” broadcasted at 10 pm on the 18th and 13.4% of the nationwide daily ratings of the 8th.

This is higher than the audience rating of 11.2% and 12.0% recorded of the broadcast on May 17, and it is not only the highest audience rating in itself, but also the audience rating of the terrestrial TV drama broadcasted during the same time period.

Meanwhile, 8.2% of the 14th KBS2 “Queen of Mystery”, 6.8% of the SBS “Suspicious Partner”, and 7.4% of the 8th show respectively.