‘Produce 101’ Minho trainee was dismissed due to sexual harassment controversy, and MNET said, “We are confirming the future composition”.

May 8, Mnet officials said on the afternoon “59 trainees are left with Ha Min Ho getting off, and we are confirming whether we will proceed with 59 members in the future.”

In the online community on the same day, SNS conversation with the person who is presumed to be Ha Min Ho and the fans has come up. In this post, sexual content for fans has been disputed.

“Ha Min Ho decided to get out of Producer 101 season 2 and decided to terminate the deal with the company after discussing directly with Ha Min Ho,” said The Vibe label, which Ha Min Ho belongs to.

“I apologize to the crew, including the trainees who appeared with all the fans who loved Producer 101 Season 2 and cheered me first. I will also sincerely apologize to the person you suffered from the Ha Min Ho army. ”

“Ha Min Ho has also been deeply concerned about the fact that Ha Min Ho is a trainee, and he left his account to change my name to” Yu Seon Ho “, which is not a Cube trainee named” Yoo Seon Ho ” I will inform you that it is. ”