Mnet has been investigating allegations of misconduct by Kang Daniel, a trainee who is participating in ‘Produce 101’ season 2.

May 7, According to a representative of Mnet said, “We are aware of the allegations of corruption of Kang Daniel trainee.

Previously, there was a controversy that Kang Daniel committed misconduct affecting the results of the vote. ‘Producer 101’ Season 2 is voting to select suitable songs for the trainees ahead of the concept evaluation.

A total of five songs have been released and voting is ongoing since May 6, and a fan suggested Kang Daniel to tell her favorite songs with SNS (social network service) profile message cat emoticons. Since then, Kang Daniel has changed the cat emoticons in his profile message from one to four.

Some of them pointed out that Kang Daniel expressed his intention to play NEVER, the fourth song, with cat emoticons.

According to the rules of the dormitory published through ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, the trainee will be given 10 points for SNS upload. If the penalty is 10 points, stopping practice is taken.