Actress Kim Sung Ryung, who was a former Miss Korea , made her comments after he finished the contest as chairman of the judging committee of ‘Miss Korea 2018’.

July 4, Kim Sung Ryung posted a picture via her Instagram and said, “Congratulations. Support great challenges and courage.“and ” After a long time, I’m still nervous again.

Kim Sung Ryung, has unveiled a memorial photo with ‘2018 Miss Korea’ winners. In the photo, Kim Sung Ryung caught the eye by showing off her premied-style beauty.

Meanwhile, ‘2018 Miss Korea Selection Contest’ was held at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu Olympic Park on July 4.

Miss Korea ‘s honor at this contest was given to Kim Su Min of Gyeonggi Province.

“There are a lot of things to do in the future and a lot of things I want to do.” and “I will not be proud of this award, but will do my best in whatever activities I do in the camp as I did in the first place.” “And” Thank You. ”

This year’s competition also made a big difference in the judging process. It has improved convenience and stability by incorporating a block-chain distributed management technology, and has allowed the general public to select Miss Korea by introducing the national referendum system.