Miss A’s Fei and Jia ended contracts with JYP entertainment .

Today, JYP  inform that about the contracts of the members of my A, Jia and Fei.” Jia with our contract ended on May 20. “We actually support Jia that he has spent much time with JYP Entertainment and we hope to make your future even brighter“.

Good news “Fei has recently renewed its contract with JYP Entertainment and will continue with their activities in Korea and China

The agency continued, “In the meantime, we will continue focusing on miss A members’ individual activities and promotions.”

Yes but… specifically, what future for miss A? In a new release, the label mentioned the utur of the Group confident that this did not mean the end of miss A: “this is only the start of Jia. A miss will not separate. “As there is no comeback or albums planned for the moment, the three members will concentrate on solo activities.”