Minzy’s solo debut from the girl group 2NE1 comeback D-3.

‘Ninano’ music video teaser video, which unveiled on April 14.

In 27 seconds of intense beat, sound, and charismatic Minzy.

The title song ‘Ninano’ was adds hip-hop to pop dancing. It has a stronger beat and an edgy melody than the existing pop dance. The music composed by composer Melanie Fontana, Mitchel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, and Jon Asher who worked with Girls’ Generation, f (x), AOA, and pop artists Justin Bieber and Chainsmokers.

Minzy’s first mini album ‘MINZY WORK 01 UNO’ includes 6 songs including ‘Beautiful Lie’ with his own song ‘Flashlight’, which was featured by featured Park Jae Bum, and the title song ‘NINANO’ with a flow ceremony.

Meanwhile, “Ninano” music video and Minzy’s first mini-album soundtrack will be unveiled at noon on April 17th.