A romantic wedding photo of Kim So Yeon ♥ Lee Sang Woo’s couple online, who about to marry in June.

May 19, Kim So Yeon ♥ Lee Sang Woo ‘s wedding photos online, which are captivating the romantic moments of the two , set against the backdrop of Vinnie’ s classic streets and the gardens of the Palace of.

At the time of filming, they said that despite the occasional cold and rainy weather, they took care of each other throughout the shoot and made a pleasant and pleasant scene by creating a warm shooting atmosphere.

Kim So Yeon ♥ Lee Sang Woo, who have sprung up their love through MBC “Happy Home”, say, “we want to acknowledge the difference as much as lived , respect each other’s , and welcome the future,” and show a humble and beautiful couple and added goodness.

The love story of the couple Kim So Yeon ♥ Lee Sang Woo can be found at the magazine ‘Marie Claire’ June issue and the Marie Claire site.