The cast of the drama Marriage Contract 결혼계약 complete !

We recently learned that Lee Seo Jin 이서진 · 유이 Uee , one of the members of After School, would play a married couple.

In addition, Kim Kwang Gyu 김광규, Kim Yoo Ri 김유리, Kim Yong Gun 김용건, Lee Hwa Hwang and Park Jung Soo 박정수 will also be part of the cast of the series directed by Park Sung Eun and Kim Jin Min and written by Jung Yoo Kyung.

“Marriage Contract” tell the story about the life of a woman, Kang Hye Soo (Uee), who lost her husband in an accident. She will learn that she has a brain tumor, and in order to protect her daughter, she’ll sign a contract of marriage with a man who can take care of it.

January 20, all the players gathered for the first reading of the script which took place at MBC headquarters, in the District of Sangam, in Seoul.

Director Kim Jin Min hosted the team by saying: “I am worried because the actors and filmmakers will have a hard time because of the cold. Nevertheless, I hope that everyone will be happy on the plateau. Also, as we will discover the script, I would encourage actors to share the ideas they may have ‘.

The screenwriter, Jung Yoo Kyung, added: “the weather can be cold but I want to write a script that will melt your heart“. Then she said that she would do her best to make everyone in a good mood throughout the production.