Park Hae Jin, Lee Chang Min PD, and Kim Won Suk join together before the first broadcast of ‘MAN X MAN’.

Today, JTBC’s new gilt drama ‘MAN X MAN’ (directed by Lee Chang Min, Script Kim Won Suk) will be featured on a special feature called ‘MAM X MAN Commentary’. The main actor Park Hae Jin, Lee Chang Min PD and Kim Won Suk are going to solve the questions about the drama in general.

The “MAM X MAN Commentary” which is broadcast live on the V DRAMA channel of Naver V app at 12 pm (23 o’clock on the night of the following 22nd) on the 22nd will delve into the story of ‘MAN X MAN’ with the commentary live show which is tried for the first time in the drama.

Actors Park Hae Jin, Kim Won Suk, and Lee Chang Min PD are expected to show off their guest talent, and they will show off their instincts hidden behind the backstage of the drama, which they could not hear anywhere.

Park Hae Jin has been waiting for “Man Detective” too. I am really looking forward to live drama talk with fans around the world. “We are ready to respond to any questions,” he said. “We are going to release all the behind-the-scenes footage for MAN X MAN in Man Detective, so please expect a live broadcast.

More than anything, it is expected to be a different talk show that is different from the existing broadcasting because real-time feedback is possible along with the vivid behind-the-scenes of MAN X MAN in the past four months.

‘Man Detective’ will start with the first live broadcast, and through the V DRAMA channel of Naver V app, actors and staff will perform 7 episodes every Saturday on Saturdays and will release episodes in real time.

JTBC ‘MAN X MAN’ is a work of a versatile and mysterious agent, Ghost, who acts as a bodyguard for a superhero-style star and the men around him. Already made the first broadcast at 11pm on April 21st Every Friday night.