Kang Min Kyung, the producer of the drama 'Lovely Horribly', made a bad comment on the Sewol ferry disaster during the filming

Recently, the producer Kang played the sad acting of actress A in the filming of the KBS2 new drama ‘Lovely Horribly’ and pointed this out, saying, “Why the families of the Ferry Sewol’s victims have a heavy expression?

As a result, staff members on the site contributed to the news and posted the content in Kakao Talk chat rooms where the staff talked.

As the controversy grows, Kang apologized for the remarks on the Sewol ferry disaster in front of the production team and reflecting on it.

‘Lovely Horribly’ was a highly anticipated piece by many drama fans last year when it won a competition to write a script for a KBS TV drama ” Mini-Series career writer. ”

Park Min Joo and Kang Min Kyung coincide with each other to show young and sensuous production in a quirky material. In addition, HB Entertainment, who has shown highly talented works such as ‘My Love from the Star’ and ‘Yong-pal’, makes you a well-behaved romantic comedy.

A midsummer night, the creepy and exciting new romantic comedy ‘Lovely Horribly ‘ will premiere on KBS at 10 p.m. on Aug 13 of next month.