On April 19th episode of TVN ‘Life Bar’ broadcasted from 11 pm on the 13th, Girls Day Yura, Hyeri, Minah, Sojin appeared and appeared with MC Shin Dong Yub, Tak Jae Hoon and Kim Jun Hyun.

Hyeri started talking about “exposing the torture” on this day and made a comment about the member Minah.

Hyeri said, “Last summer, all the members of the Girls’ Day went to water recreation.” “I play in Gapyeong and try to drink at night, but my sister Minah can not drink it. did.

Yura also said, “My sister Minah was drunk ”, ‘Banana boat can not sit’ I had said that;” She told the witness about Minah.

Minah acknowledged the situation at the time and said, “At that time I thought I was on the boat and I struggled in bed.” “Since that day, the members have been scared.”