Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum Broken Up

Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum, who had just been in love for a few months.

Shocked by the news of Lee Hong Ki announced via IG – single again.

Both agents confirmed that the information is correct.

Lee Hong Ki agent FNC entertainment on February 9 afternoon said: After checking with Lee Hong Ki, we have confirmed that the two recently broke up. They naturally grew apart due to focusing on their individual activities.”

Keyeast also confirmed that Han Bo Reum and Lee Hong Ki have parted the news.

Lee Hong Ki in his IG live video, said he did not have a girlfriend’s status : “Finally, I can say to you guys, I do not have Girl friend, you know, it’s true … … “So it is reminiscent of Han Bo Reum has been separated.

Meanwhile, news of Lee Hong Ki dating Han Bo Reum first broke out back in November of 2016. The two had previously met through SBS’s “Modern Farmer” in 2014 and got closer through their mutual interest in bowling.