April 17, LABOUM comeback with their second mini album ‘MISS THIS KISS’ on various music sites at noon .

In particular, ‘Fan Showcase’ will be broadcast live on 7 platforms including ‘Mobile Video App Corn’ at IlJi Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Prior to that, LABOUM held a media showcase at the art hall at 3 pm on the day, and made a comeback testimony. LABOUM, who came back in about four months, said, “Perhaps because of accustomed to the activities, so stay up late also tightly together, and our fans are also taking care of us. Thanks ”

Meanwhile, LABOUM’s title song ‘Hwi hwi’ is an up-tempo dance song that starts with a whistling sound. It’s a song that expresses the exquisite kiss with a lover in a cute and dull feeling of LABOUM.