House of the Disappeared on April 6

Mystery thriller Movies “House of the Disappeared”, which is about to issue on April 6, it has released a second trailer that conveys overwhelming tension.

‘House of the Disappeared’ is a house mystery thriller where Mi-Hee (Kim Yunjin), a housewife who has suffered from her husband’s – Chul-Joong (Jo Jae-Yun) death and son’s disappearance, painstakingly depicts what happened after returning home after 25 years of imprisonment.

Priest Choi (Taecyeon), who is investigating the truth of the night, examines the irony of the intense eye that seems to threaten somebody and the case record, and raises audience’s expectations of the film.

The second trailer, showed in mysterious house with a thunderstorm and a mysterious atmosphere. Afterwards, I see the protagonist ‘s majesty left alone in the middle of the night, and suddenly the door opens with the knocking of the door, and she expresses the strange tension of her expression filled with fear.