Actor Kim Dasom confirmed appearances on KBS2 drama special 'Mystery of Miss Kim'

July 25, King Kong by Starship of the agency said, “Kim Dasom appeared as the starring Miss Kim in the KBS2 drama special ‘Mystery of Miss Kim’. She going to show another figure 180 degrees from the previous work, so we hope everyone will look forward to and love it.

‘Mystery of Miss Kim’ is a mystery story about Miss Kim, and the enthusiastic newcomer busybody wandering around him, and their mission to find industrial espionage.

Among them, Miss Kim, a mysterious female employee who has been hired as a parachutist, is not only the sense of intelligence, memory and facial recognition that is naturally seen in the office but also the sense of beauty.

Kim Daesom showed stable acting power and various character digestion power through 2013 KBS1 ‘Melody of Love’ and KBS2 ‘The Virtual Bride ‘ in 2015. In addition, last year, SBS ‘Band of Sisters’ as well as viewers as a bad girl in the past, received the SBS Actress Award for Best New Woman. I am looking forward to his transformation, which is the opposite of the previous work.

Meanwhile, KBS2 drama special ‘Mystery of Miss Kim’ starring Kim Damsom will be released in the second half of this year.