Kim Chung ha, who has make her solo debut by unveils a music video for the premiere song “WEEK” .

Kim Chung ha’s first solo album, “WEEK”, was released through various online music sites on April 21.

Meanwhile, Kim Chung ha said, “We are going ahead with the album activity soon, and we are doing diet management with little dieting.

Kim Chung ha has drawn many of her journeys to debut in this first solo album. Kim Song Hwa is a song that is more meaningful to Kim Chung ha by pressing the hearts of memories of the past 7 years and the longing for the ‘I.O.I who have become dependent on each other.

‘WEEK’ Feat.Feat.Kim Ho Yeon of DAL JOHNBAM’ is a R & B ballad that has been developed by Grizzly and producing team Cracker, which is emerging as a new ‘indie popular’, has added Kim Chung ha’s distinctive vocals and lyrical piano melodies to create a lonely and faint atmosphere.

The agency said, “The song that has been completed by concentrating the heart of Kim Chungha with the sincerity of Kim Chung ha, and it will be a warm sympathy song that many people can sympathize with.

Kim Chung ha plans to release her debut album in May following the release of the music for the premiere song ‘WEEK’, and to start a solo career in earnest.