Pledis trainee Baekho rose to 12th place in the 9th week of Mnet “Produce 101”. In the case of 11 trainee debut, Baekho’s ranking is a thrilling adventure.

Baekho said in Producer 101, “I want becoming like Seventeen.” Seventeen is the Boys group of Predis, who made his debut behind New East, which Baekho belonged to. While New East has not been a big success for every album, Seventeen has been selling more than 100,000 albums.

The scene of envy as a senior, referring to the same group of young people in the same company, made Baekho aware of how desperate it was.

Baekho gets ‘Bandit sexy’ through ‘Produce 101’ and has attracted a lot of popularity because of having a manly charm and a smile boy. The caring and powerful performance of his younger siblings is appealing to 20-30 women.

Baekho, which has a lot of appeal every time, ranks 12th in the ‘Produce 101’ announcement ceremony broadcast on June 9. The 12th place between the debut and the release was an exquisite position for Baekho.

Baekho has always been ranked in the top 10, but has not risen to a stable position except for the eighth place in the fifth. Baekho, who got ranked 12th after leaving the last broadcast, draws great interest whether he will write the myth of the last reversal.

Meanwhile, in the last ranking announcement ceremony, Kang Daniel ranked first, Park Jihoon ranked second, Ha Sung Woon ranked third, Bae Jinyoung ranked fourth and Kim Samuel ranked fifth. After that, Park Woo Jin, Kim Jonghyun, Ong Seong Woo, Yoon Ji Seong, Lee Daehwi, Hwang Minhyun was named in order.