Shin RyuJin, a trainee student, is drawing keen attention, after news of Jeon So Mi's cancellation of an exclusive contract has been reported

Aug 20, JYP Entertainment after announced that Jeon So Mi’s contract was terminated, saying, “The new girl group is preparing for Shin RyuJin.

Shin RyuJin is an intern at JYP Entertainment who starred in JTBC’s “Mix Nine,” which ended early this year.

So Mi is expected to make her debut as a new girl group, initially prepared by JYP Entertainment after the Project Girls Group I.O.I activities, but it was canceled due to this contract termination. On the day before the release news (Aug 19), Jeon So Mi left the SNS with the words “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.”

Former Jeon So Mi Lee introduced his face through Mnet’s ‘Sixteen’ in 2015, and became the top player in the Mnet ‘Process 101’ season in 2016 and gained popularity by I.O.I.