June 13, was marked by an announcement that greatly shook the community of fans of JYJ.

Yoochun – of his full name Park Yoochun – was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman of 20 years.

The accusation, dating back to June 10, was made by Miss Lee, aged 24 years an employee of a bar. It is her boyfriend himself who reportedly complained to police in his name on the same day.

Ms Lee said that Yoochun would have come at the bar on the night of the June 3-4 as a client and that it it would be sexually assaulted in the toilets of the establishment. As evidence, the young woman would have submitted to police the underwear and clothing she wore that night there.

Gangnam police has also obtained video recordings of that night to study the precise movements of the artist. After reviewing the evidence, it decided to summon for questioning.

On the side of Yoochun, the accusation is considered sterile from someone seeking to get the money. In fact, the label of the artist, C-JeS Entertainment has spoken out and said that after the police investigation, the statements of the complainant will be judged as false.

The agency said : “We will not compromise with malicious threats that intend to damage a celebrity’s reputation,” it said, vowing to fully cooperate with the investigation to reveal the truth.

C – JeS Entertainment subsequently added that the artist had not yet received official request on the part of the police.

It also requested do not write reports speculating on the real progress of this story as long as the investigation was not complete and ended, in order not to cause serious harm to the artist, or to injure or dirty his name.

Since then, new data are added to the puzzle…

Indeed it was clarified that the artist and the young woman is were known time of an hour, and that in its complaint, Miss Lee had clearly expressed its refusal for any advances of the artist. Despite this, the attack reportedly took place subsequently.

The police reportedly requested scientific Police services to conduct DNA research on the clothes offered by the alleged victim.

On the study of surveillance cameras, as there’s no cameras filming the places where the assault took place, investigators analyzed the alley and found nothing convincing or suspect. It was announced that the police would soon to remind Miss Lee for the survey, and then questioning Yoochun.

Park is currently serving his military duty as a public agent at a local district office in Seoul.