April 4th, Jung Eunji released a track list of the second solo mini-album ‘Space’ through the official Apex fan cafe and SNS channel.

The album includes 5 tracks including the title song ‘Spring’, ‘First Breakup’, ‘Girl’s Boy’, ‘Moon of Seoul’ and ‘Spring’ piano version.

‘Spring’ made by composer Duble Sidekick and Long candy.In additional, singer Harim will playing as the accordion.

“Hopefully sky”, which was released last year and ranked topped on the chart for a long time, was also co-composition of Duble Sidekick and Long candy, and the performance of Harim. As the writers who are acknowledged for their popularity gathered, there is a question of whether or not the new song ‘Spring’ will be as good as the “Hopefully sky”.

In addition singer Kwak Jae-joon and Brown Eyed Yoon Gun participated in the composition of ‘First Breakup’ and ‘Girl’s Boy’ respectively. Jung Eunji writes ‘Girl’s Boy’ and ‘Moon of Seoul’, and announces the leap as a singer-songwriter.

The agency said, “Jung Eunji upcoming 2nd solo album’Space’ will show her the direction of the music, and it will be the prospect of the creator”

Meanwhile, Jung Eunji will releases her second mini-album ‘Space’ at noon on April 10th.