PSY (Park Jae sang /Sai )soaked up the rams with a ‘SUMMER SWAG’ held in five years.

Aug 4, PSY held a ‘SUMMER SWAG Soak Show ‘ at 7:42 pm at the Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium in Seoul. It was a ‘Soak Show ‘ held in five years since last 2012. There were about 25,000 spectators at the venue, and they forgot about the heat with the pouring water.

PSY sank 25,000 spectators at the Busan concert on the 29th of last month and then moved to Seoul and hit the audience. PSY is expected to attract 50,000 spectators by the 5th of this year.

‘SUMMER SWAG Soak Show  ‘ is the summer concert of PSY, held in 2011 and 2012. In particular, the 2012 concert was a hot response to the global hit of ‘ GANGNAM STYLE’ at the time and gave fans an unforgettable memory.

As a summer concert held in five years, PSY has made the fever even hotter with “Quantity offensive” of previous generations including about 150 tons of water, 1,600 LED tiles and 1,500 guns per episode. In particular, this year’s main stage is the largest in PSY performance with a size of 80M.

On this day, PSY opening with a new song ‘I LUV IT’, followed by ‘Champion’, ‘Entertainer’ and ‘In My Eyes’. PSY was 16th year of debut this year, and it has got a lot of modifiers since it started as a singer. “‘Soak Show’ in five years after the introduction of “I will decorate a good stage today,” he said.


IU appeared as a guest. While PSY was singing the song “What Would Have Been”, IU was surprised at the stage and enthused the audience. IU said “I am tired of singing the song of PSY senior, so let me rest a little while I sing.” “I think PSY’s song is really exciting because everyone knows.” IU moistened her enthusiastic atmosphere with its song “Through the Night” for a moment.

As a second guest, Zion T appeared. Zion T also played the song ‘Yanghwa BRDG’, and the atmosphere was soothed. “Thank you for calling PSY concert,” he said.

On that day, Kim Hye Soo also dressed up in a stylish outfit, watched ‘Drowning Show’, followed by singing, and then shouting loudly and responding to the show. His beautiful beauty still got the attention of the reporter.

PSY Through the return of the dance medley, which was patented by Angkor, which made audiences excited, and it continued its unhurried atmosphere with “Someday” and “Rock Medley”.

PSY will continue the nation tour of ‘2017 PSY Soak Show SUMMER SWAG’ at Daejeon World Cup Stadium, Daegu Samsung Lions Park on Aug 19 and Gwangju World Cup Stadium on Aug 26.