JTBC will show four web dramas this summer.

The web drama that will be introduced in succession from July is expected to raise a new wind in the broadcasting scene with a unique concept such as a romantic thriller hip-hop fantasy and a rogue material.

The first web drama series was ‘People You May Know’ (Script by Yooni, Director Lim Hyun-wook ). ‘People You May Know’ is a triangular romantic thriller that unlocks the password of the smartphone left by the old lover and unlocks the memory of love that was locked. SNSD SooYoung and actor Lee Won Geun were cast in the lead role of Sim Hee Seop.

Second – Hip-hop web drama ‘Hip-hop Sensei’ (Script by Kim Aromy Lee Jung Suk, Directed by Shim Na Na). It is a work containing a project to regenerate ‘Honey Jam’ of an elementary school music teacher tired of a free life. The music genre of hip-hop, which is getting popular in recent years, is gathered in the web drama and hopes to have some fun. Blue Chip Lee Joo Young, who was loved by viewers through ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’, and Yura of Girl’s Day, ‘Do not Dare To Dream’ and ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ An Woo-yeon plays a leading role and raises the expectations.

Third – ‘How come 18’ (Script by Liner, directed by Kim Doo-hyung). It is a romantic comedy of cardiopulmonary resuscitation that goes on time slip at 18 years old to save the first love that a bullying man in high school days died. It is a combination of time slip and school, and it will bring pleasant fun.

The fourth film is a fantasy growing drama called ‘Magic School’ (directed by Kim Do Won). Draw up the growth of the four young people who came to the magic school for different reasons. As the main actors, Jr. of GOT7, Nichkhun of 2PM, and actress Yoon Park .

“We decided to create a web drama with a long-term perspective in order to provide a variety of high-quality contents and to discover and nurture new directors and writers,” said producer of the JTBC Web drama project.

JTBC web drama, which is in the process of planning and casting, will be released sequentially on July 31, starting with ‘People You May Know’.