Actor Jo Donghyuk and volleyball player Han Song Yi (GS Caltex Seoul KIXX volleyball team) admitted that they are lovers. There are many cases where the drama develops as a lover, but it is attracting even more attention because it is a rare occasion in which the encounter in the entertainment industry is rare.

May 16, Donghyuk subsidiary Saidus HQ official said “The two people have started to meet with a good feeling recently”. As for the wedding ceremony, he said, “It is not yet a stage to talk about marriage.

The relationship between the two goes back to KBS ‘Korean community arts’ last March. Donghyuk was a member of the volleyball team of “Arts and Physical Education”.

Han Song Yi played a role in coaching their training. At that time, Han Song Yi and Donghyuk were fans of each other and made a warm atmosphere.

There are many signs of devotion such as two people’s dating eyewitnesses are known through SNS. Also, Donghyuk indirectly informed his devotees that he had a “marriage idea” on MBC radio FM4U ‘2 p.m. date Best Corner’ last month.

It is the topic that the pink love line unfolded in the entertainment became ‘reality’. Also, there were a lot of star couples that developed into a lover after adjusting their breath with drama, but it is a rare case that they met in the entertainment and became devoted. This is a star couple that connects the entertainment industry and the sports world.