Actress Jo Bo Ah revealed the airport with a lovely smile

Aug 5, Jo Bo Ah departed to Kuala Lumpur to take a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, demonstrating a refreshing summer styling.

On the day, Jo Bo Ah wore an exaggerated white t-shirt and black trousers, and with a simple casual dress, completed a comfortable and beautiful stylish airport look.

On top of this, Jo Bo Ah was spotted by matching his burgundy color bag with a unique accessory strap.

Meanwhile,Jo Bo Ah was well received as a mature actress in MBC weekend special television series ‘Goodbye to Goodbye’.

In ‘ Goodbye to Goodbye, ‘ Jo Bo Ah played the role of Jung Hyo, an unexpected college student who became a mother, and sacrificed herself to save her unborn child, the process of making himself a mother’s distortion has won the audience’s love.