‘Running Man’ is joining the new team to renew the global project.

According to SBS on April 13, ‘Running Man’, a new actor of actor Jeon So Min and comedian Yang Se chan as ‘Running Mate’, will come to the forefront of global project from 16th. ‘Running Man’ is building another ‘6 + 2’ system and is on another challenge.

‘Running Man’ plans to select dangerous tourist sites that he would like to visit once before he dies, and send the runners’ men and running mates to the dangerous tourist sites. In total of three “tourist stickers” are awarded to the last member to be blocked through various races every week, the member will be penalized.

Before that, April 16 episode will be drawn on the process of joining ‘Running Man’ with Yang Se chan and Jeon So Min as running mates. Despite the fact that it was the first meeting between ‘Running Man’ members and ‘Running Mates’, Yang So Chan and Jeon Sang Min immediately followed suit with the existing ‘Running Man’ race.

April 23rd episode , ‘Running Man’ members and ‘Running Mates’ will be divided into three teams to take a day trip to Taipei, Taiwan, Osaka and Jeju Island.

‘Running Man’ Jeong Cheol-min PD said, “We plan to show global missions with a lot of attractions as well as saving the energy of Team Chemi, which is an advantage of the existing running man.” ” Jeon So Min and Yang Se chan , who was joined by running mate, I hope you will enjoy the new ‘Running Man’. ”

The new global project ‘Running Man’ will be released on SBS ‘Running Man’ which is broadcasted at 4:50 pm on April 16th.