LOE Entertainment, a member of IU, posted a music video teaser video of the 4th regular album title track ‘Palette’ on each SNS on April 20th, and announced a full comeback.

In this comeback, IU plans to prove the aspect of ‘Queen of Sounds’, which has become even more powerful, by selecting the magnificent pop ballad ‘Dear Name’ including ‘Palette’ as a double title.

‘Palette’ is a song that collects the hot topics of the music industry and domestic and overseas music fans with the fact that BIGBANG G-dragon participates in the rap making and feature along with the production of the IU.

‘Palette’, with some veils removed from the teaser video, has a sensual and warm synthpop sound and captures both ears at a glance.

In the music video teaser video, which features twenty-five IU’s innocent yet innocent inner scenes. IU reveals beautiful and diverse facets of twenty-five youth peers, such as having a manic appeal with their matted hair, expressing their feelings in nine pieces of facial expression.

Also, like the hashtags, the sentences that follow the child and the calligraphy such as ’25’ and ‘I’m twenty five’ add to the uniqueness of twenty-five children’s stories.

One year and five months of blank space The new album ‘Palette’, the 4th album of the new album, will feature 10 tracks painted in colorful and experimental style with musician’s unique sensitivity. Based on the production of I-Yu, top-notch musicians including genre and genre such as G-dragon, Lee Byung-woo, Soon-seong, Lee Jong-hoon, Sunwoo Jung Ah, Ohhyuk.

Meanwhile, IU’s 4th album ‘Palette’ will be released simultaneously at various music sites on April 21 at 6 pm.