Singer IU will start a second journey together with the fan club 'UAENA. "

July 12, IU’s agency Fave Entertainment said that “IU will official start of the second term recruitment of the fan club ‘UAENA’ in just one year.”

IU, who officially announced the launch of the ‘UAENA’ fan club in July 2017 due to her continuous response from fans, started recruitment for the second time in more than a year, and this year has also been a touching experience with fans.

Prior to this, IU drew attention from fans as she left out notices regarding the second round of fan club ‘UAENA’ through official SNS and fan cafe at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

The fan club will be recruited through Melon Ticket, an online booking office, from July 16.

IU has met with fans through fan meetings, birthday parties, and other small and large seat, and has also led a positive ‘Fan Culture’ with various donations and activities in the name of UAENA and IU.

IU’s second official fan club ” UAENA ” will be recruiting international fans, including Korean fans, from July 16 to August 19.

In addition to official membership cards, ‘UAENA 2’ members will receive first prize participation benefits such as offering official gifts, solo concerts, fan meetings, and open broadcasts, and special benefits for on-off-line events. You can find more information about the subscription through the ‘Melon Ticket’ site.

Meanwhile, IU continues to perform various music activities including participating in a special single of Block B Zico released in the end of July.