PSY comeback that focuses on domestic sentiment.

PSY made his showcase to celebrate the release of regular albums at the Conrad Hotel in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul at 2 pm on May 10.

PSY not only explained the new album, as well as the double title song music video by Son Na Eun and Lee Byung Hun.

First of all, PSY said that I worked with iKON , BIGBANG and Zico in the 8th album, “At some point, I made my old song heard in the age of 30. I was in my thirties to forties, and I thought about it. When I was working with my friends, I got the impression that I was like this, and when I was with these friends, I had such a melody and I thought that my head got complicated.

The expectation of this album is that I returned to the friendly PSY. This album, which was created with the intention rather than the beginner, was aiming at domestic fans instead of global popularity.

BIGBANG G-Dragon featured in the song ‘Fact Abuse’. Psy is a song about the stereotypes and accusations surrounding him. Psy said, “I did not even consider it. It is because I know that it will take deliberation just after 15 seconds. ” “I always listen to the fans who love songs made since the Chollian era. If you ask ‘Where is your hip-hop style’ I recommend this song. It is not a scorn for an issue, a scorn for an issue, but a scorn of a situation which can not be done. G-dragon also blasphemed with me, not enough to cuss alone. It’ll be cool. It is a feeling of control. (Yang) Hyeon Suk is my brother and my favorite song.

He also said that “I will not have to bear the burden” and “I will not worried about overseas.”It was a difficult story to realize. Finding a beginner is really hard. Instead of the beginner, I created music and video with my heart. ”

He was also greedy for his overseas records. PSY said, “I think it will soon give me the number one spot on YouTube for a single image hit by Wiz Khalifa, it’s not that bad at all, but I’ve been loved for so long through the Gangnam style.” Wiz Khalifa is a fan too. I do not care at all. ”

This album, which includes 10 songs including “I LUV IT” and “NEW FACE”, which is a double title song of PSY, collected a topic before the release with a superb lineup including music video cast, lyrics, composition and feature.

Psy has been working with Yoo Gun Hyung type composer for a long time.

In particular, housekeeping puts the story of oneself first. In addition to pitching, it was rare to write songs with other artists. But on this album, Block B ZICO wrote ‘I LUV IT’ which is one of the double title songs, and B.i wrote three songs together. “Because of the desperate blood transfusion of young blood,” Psy explained. “I felt like,” Yes, this is it “by working with those friends. I got the impression that I worked with those friends, and that I was breathtaking.Thanks to that, there are a lot of songs that I think are good works that are not old, and I have released regular music. ” “I wrote the lyrics of” Last Scene “co-written with B.I and I thought, “I do not want to stop the singer because the song does not come out too much. I told this story to B.I who was working with him, and he suggested, ‘Brother, write the story in lyrics.’ After that, the song was untied.

In the music video, actors Lee Byung Hun and Son Na Eun appeared, and many artists such as JYP Park Jin-young, KUSH, Zico, BI, and BOBBY joined with PSY, starting with Yugin Kim who had produced hit songs such as ‘Gangnam style, GENTLE MAN’ .

PSY’s 8th album ‘4X2 = 8’ dropped today. And at five o’clock in the afternoon of the opening, Naver VLIVE ‘PSY Little Television 2’, PSY and the fans will be talking to the fans about the latest news and newbie introductions and music video behind-the-scenes episodes.

The netizens who came to the music video said “hee ****”, “new face is a new style (love ****)” “disappointment ….. just Gangnam style, Daddy, Gentleman and too It’s the same pattern all the time. “The girl idol is coloring, and the sic is dancing by the side (sl ****).

“My mother always tells me to do a good grasp on the subject.

Psy suffered a rumor last year that he received Choi Sun shil’s preference. He told that, “There were many stories at the time, I was privileged and someone helped me, it was not true at the time, but it was a hot issue.”

“I did not postpone the comeback because of the rumor,” said Sai (PSY), “even if I told him I did not.” My song is exciting, but it was not an exciting atmosphere for the people to come back at that time.

“I did not give a specific explanation because it was a situation in which the horse gave birth to a horse.