Four days before the comeback title song ‘BLING BLING’.

May 18, YG Entertainment posted a poster through official blog with iKON title song ‘BLING BLING’.

iKON members who are feeling hip-hop in the poster are overwhelmed by intense eyes.

‘BLING BLING’ is a song that is full of swaggy lyrics and iconic energy. In particular, the members’ heavy laps and addictive melodies are impressive.

Lyrics, composition and arrangement are joint works of iconic leader B.I and ‘BOBBY’, and YG new composer ‘MILLENNIUM’.

iKON announces a new song in one year continues to announce the series album under the concept of ‘NEW KIDS’ this year, and it continues steady activity. It contains the meaning of ‘New Begin’ and ‘New Style’ of iKON .

The new album ‘BLING BLING’ will be released at 6 pm on May 22. The album ‘NEW KIDS: BEGIN’ will be available in two versions, including DOPE and BOLD through online and offline music stores nationwide .