A new concept girl group drama, which seven female idol members highlight own scripts and star in the drama characters.

Youthfulness of seven members wearing an casual clothes, filling their own charms with lovely and lively.

Last week, a individual teaser with the aspirations of ” Idol Drama Royalty / Idol Drama Operation Team ” members was also revealed. Through the teaser video, talked with the production about the story and role that their wanted before preparing each drama script, and their shared the sad story of each member. All seven members of the “Idol Drama Royalty” channel were shared to the public for daily at 10 am, starting with Red Velvet. All members were top ranked in the web entertainment daily videos, and the number of video views is close to 600,000 views. It’s unusual for a program to swoop a daily video chart.

It was because of the sincere confession of the idol that the members had touched before the main piece started. MAMAMOO Moonbyul has expressed concern about his position as a rapper who has not been able to tell the members of the group, and Red Velvet Seulg has carefully spoken out that she is sad about her life as a FM so as not to disappoint her company and the expectations of her surroundings. Ever more.

“Idol Drama Royalty” is the first Korean idol drama to collaborate with the drama writer in the group of the members who are active in various fields including Lovelyz Su Jeong, Red Velvet Seulg, SOMI, MAMAMOO Moonbyul, Oh My Girl of YooA, SONAMOO of D.ana and C.I.V.A of Kim Sohee. The drama collects topics before broadcasting and receives public attention.

‘Idol Drama Royalty’, a direct script written by the Girl Group, will be first publicized on May 29th via Naver TV and YouTube, and will also be broadcast on the KBS JOY channel and KBS World.