Wanna One and Wannable, who met 101 trainees and national producers, made a splendid flower called World Tour in 10 months.

Wanna One ended the Seoul performance with the support of fans and opened the world tour for three months.

June 3 afternoon, the final performance of the first world tour concert ‘Wanna One World Tour’, was held at Goguryeo Sky Dome in Seoul, Korea.

Wanna One’s first world tour concert, the Wanna One World Tour, will be held in 14 cities around the world in a total of 20 for a total of three months as Wanna One is making its way to the completion of the Golden Age from all over the world.

Previously, Wanna One proved its popularity by spending a total of 60,000 tickets for the third consecutive Seoul performance in ten minutes.

The Seoul performance, which will be the starting point of the long journey, was the starting point of this world tour, and it attracted attention with the stage of the previous class scale which concentrated the delicate production and production know-how of CJ E & M.

Wanna One’s Seoul concert, we installed an extra-large-sized LED screen (30m x 20m) on both sides of the main stage, which is close to the world’s largest IMAX tube screen. In addition to providing overwhelming visual quality, about 200 loudspeakers it attracted over 20,000 spectators who filled the goddess dome with acoustic sound.

The magnificent tower in the center of the stage was added to the performance of Seoul by Wanna One in 2018, which will fill the whole world with golden age, and 36.5m, symbolizing 365 days of the new world made by 11 members.

On this day, the performance was ‘Burn It Up‘. Wanna One, who has appeared in a white martial arts uniform and acting in a white uniform, has enthusiastically fired over 20,000 Wannable with the intense performance of ‘NEVER‘ ‘ENERGETIC‘.

Hwang Minhyun, who appeared solo on stage after completing three stages in succession, presented solo dance performance. Minhyun, who appeared in a white shirt, unveiled his abs while uncovering his shirt with his eyes closed by his lingerie. After finishing the solo dance, Minhyun completely changed his shirt to expose his upper body and heated up the Gocheok Dome with a strange male atmosphere.

The next was dance performance by Park Woo Jin and Park Jihoon. The two men wearing suits overwhelmed their eyes with a duet performance that felt powerful charm and modest sexy. Wanna One, who started the intro with the dance performance of Woojin and Jihoon, went on a stage without breaks with the stage of “BOOMERANG“.

The members of Wanna One, who finished 4 groups in total had their first talk time. “It is the last day,” said Kang Daniel. ” It is the last day of Wanna One’s solo concert. Polish up your eyes today. Mak-kon (last) is the best at the original concert, “WANNABLE was enthusiastic.

Ong Seong Wu said, “Are you ready to make the happiest day in your life today?” “It is hard to be happiest for 3 consecutive days, but we make it. Let’s make the happiest day together today. Fighting.

I hope everyone will have fun concert for all of us today,” said Bae Jin Young. “It’s hard for me to do what I wanted to say,” And “I will not forget the moment today after 30 years,” Kang Daniel said

Wanna One, who finished his first talk time, started his debut ‘Day by Day’ stage at the concert. ‘Day by Day’ is a song of ‘0 + 1 = 1 (I PROMISE YOU)‘, and Wanna One has made the atmosphere ripe with a sexy and violent dance which is different from previous title songs.

After the group stage ‘Beautiful’ stage, the members who have finished up to the stage of the poignant performance of Kang Daniel ‘s dreamy charm entered the stage of the unit stage. Wanna One, who previously revealed the process from unit formation to producer selection through Mnet ‘Wanna One Go: X-CON‘, include Triple Positions (Kim Jae Hwan, Kang Daniel, Park Woo Jin), Lean On Me (Yoon Ji Sung, Ha Sung Woon and Hwang Minhyun), The Heal (Ong Seong Wu, Lee Dae Hwi) and Number One (Park Jihoon, Bae Jin Young and Lai Kuan Lin).

The first team to unveil the stage was Lean on me.

Yoon Ji Sung, Ha Sung Woon and Hwang Minhyun completed the stage of sweet and faint vocal line through “Forever +1”

Following a sweet vocal stage, Number One unveiled the stage for the youngest line of men’s love.

Having started the intro with Bae Jin Young‘s sexy singularity, Number One filled the ’11’ stage, produced by Dynamic Duo with Park Jihoon and Lai Kuan Lin.

After the two teams’ unit stage, Wanna One continued the emotional full stage from ‘I’LL REMEMBER‘ to ‘I Wanna Have‘ and ‘Always‘ which started with Kim Jae Hwan‘s soulful solo intro.

“‘I Wanna Have‘ and ‘Always’ was a song that was re-arranged for this concert,” And ” keeps calling for three days, but it seems so good.” Ong Seong Wu said.

The Heal‘s unit stage followed.

Lee Dae Hwi and Ong Seong Wu overwhelmed his gaze with his emotional stage, as explained by Hwang Minhyun, “Wanna One’s emotional charge“. Lee Dae Hwi played the piano directly and opened the intro of the hourglass, and Ong Seong Wu added a solo performance using a chair on his sole.

Finally, Wanna One’s unit team was the triple position of Kang Daniel, Kim Jae Hwan, and Park Woo Jin.

The three members who chose the coolest and youthful concept of the unit were Park Woo Jin and Kang Daniel, who participated in the lively rap that added wit and the cool vocals of Kim Jae Hwan.

Yoon Ji Sung‘s anti-charm stage, which turned out to be a ‘DJ Solo‘ and unexpectedly high-quality DJing stage, was hot in the party atmosphere as it moved to the second half of the concert. Yoon Ji Sung has made his concert debut as a club with his DJing  ability, which he had hidden, and filled his unique time.

After that, Ha Sung Woon became a sexy performer with ‘We Do not Talk Anymore‘. Sung Woon , who showed overwhelming performances with intense eyes and bright dance lines, Lai Kuan Lin also set his own stage with freestyle dance.

Wanna One re-emerged as a cute, full-bodied stage on the stage, waving the stage through ‘WANNA BE‘ stage, communicating with Wannable, and boasting of the charm of ‘TWILIGHT‘. The stage of ‘PICK ME‘, the theme song of ‘Produce 101 Season 2‘, which made Wanna One until this moment, evokes the nostalgic feeling of those days, and at the same time, It was enough to remind.

After Wanna One, who finished the ‘GOLD’ stage with the affection of ‘Wannable’s Golden Age’, Wannable summoned Wanna One members back to the stage with a mighty encore.

On the stage, Wanna One members released their special album ‘Light’, the title track of a special album ‘1 ÷ x = 1 (UNDIVIDED)’ prepared for Wannable. The album will be released on June 4th, but Wanna One released the stage before the full-scale release for the fans who visited the World Tour Seoul performance.

After completing the encore stage, Lai Kuan Lin told Wannable: “We can be so confident because you guys are here. Thank you “. In the situation where only the stage of the last song was left, the members rang the hearts of Wannable with messages that were more truthful than ever.

Ong Seong Wu said, “I recently made a short film that I shot at the trainee.Seong Wu said, ” There is a short film called ‘Seong Wu is alright‘, where the lines were actually what I said. Among the lines, ‘I am afraid that I will be excused because I am not crazy.’  It was my word and my sincerity. ”

Then Ong Seong Wu said, “But recently, I was glad to see the lineup when I saw the short film. Because I seem to be crazy now. You are the one that drives me crazy. I am crazy about you, the stage, the music. I think I am living a crazy life. ” And “ I didn’t feel uneasy watching the line with all my heart. I wanted to say that I was so happy and grateful. Thank you and love you for making me shine on stage. And I’m going to show you all this crazy of Ong Seong Wu,”he added a hearty story.

Kang Daniel said, “I felt limited in my last album and was disappointed in myself. But I thought I could try harder and show myself a good look to Wannable. “And “In that situation, I’m happy to see that this album came out well. We will have a nice trip to the world tour.

Kim Jae Hwan said, “We will work harder and harder so that Wannable will not leave Wanna One side and become the best team. Let ‘s go together, “Park Woo Jin said.” If you always think of each other, you’ll always be with it. We think we’re going to like each other all the time.

On this day, Wanna One the last song of the encore stage as “IPU,” and completed the stage with Wannable, which was the end of the World Tour Seoul performance.

From their debut to the World Tour, Wanna One and Wannable, along with their great-grandfather, were already presenting a splendid ‘Rosy golden age’ to each other. Attention is focusing on whether Wanna One, who is ready to meet Wannable of the world through the World Tour, will be able to continue their ‘Golden age‘ through this tour.