On Tuesday, the issue of Hyuna and E’Dawn’s withdrew is causing internal divisions within Cube Entertainment (Cube).

In an official press release, Cube informed Hyuna and E’Dawn of the decision to leave the company. It was because it was impossible to restore trust with artist.

It happened 45 days after Hyuna and E’Dawn reversed their positions and officially admitted their in love.

The news of the shocking exodus of Hyuna and E’Dawn, who have been together with Cube since its founding, has heated the portal site all day and made netizens excited about the Cube’s next move.

However, the official position of the Cube, which its made while using the extreme expression of withdrawal, was completely reversed in less than half a day. This time, the news is ‘Cube foot.’

Shin Dae Nam, the representative of the Cube, said, “The dismissal of Hyuna and E’Dawn is not a definite issue, but it is a matter of discussion.” through an interview by the media with “Since the artist’s opinion is important, it should be carefully decided through the process of collecting opinions, and eviction is not yet decided.

It was also announced that the board will be held next week to discuss the issue.

The announcement of Cube’s announcement of the decision to exit was passed, and the withdrew situation of Hyuna and E’Dawn started to flow into a situation that could not be overlooked.

In addition, Cube Management once again said, “It has been withdrew and has already been discredited. There’s no chance that it’s going to work again or that eviction will be reversed.” Cube and Cube became the comical face of confrontation.

Even when Hyuna and E’Dawn’s affection was reported, Cube failed to communicate with the artist and overturned their amativeness and recognition.

It seems that the issue of communication was not just about artists and companies. Considering the fact that even internal officials only express their opinions without proper agreement, perhaps the reversal of Hyuna and E’Dawn is an expected evil.

Whether Hyuna and E’Dawn are left out, and Cub’s response has attracted a lot of attention.

It seems that it has become a habit to put down the hump of Hyuna and E’Dawn. Cube, who said “Lost confidence to the artist“, seems like the Cube has lost its true trust.