T-ARA’s singer Hyomin signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency.

May 16, Sublime Artist Agency said, “Hyomin signed exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency.

She has been loved by the public as the best-selling idol in Korea and heralded the gorgeous second act as an artist.

She plans to do solo albums in the first half of the year, and she will show it to the public as an artist.

She has been very active in the Chinese territory, including taking the top spot in the US Billboard China V chart in her solo career.

Not only that, she also attended the award ceremony for the “Asian Film Awards” held in Macao as a guest of honor, not only in Korea but also as a celebrity throughout Asia.

An official of Sublime Artist Agency said, “We have a good relationship with Hyomin. She is a singer who is passionate about music more than anyone else, so we will fully support the activities of Hyomin .

Following “Most importantly, Hyomin wanted to repay the expectations of his fans. Sooner or later there will be amazing news with everyone, We hope everyone will look forward too.

Hyomin, who announced a new start in this new nest, has been proactively promoting activities, so attention is focused not only in Korea but also throughout Asia.

Meanwhile, Hyomin is stepping up her production to visit the public with her solo album during the first half of the year.